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Version: v1.0

Developer Community

Zepp OS Technical Forum


Technical issues suitable for public discussion are recommended to be posted in the Zepp OS Technical Forum, which is better associated with the Github code repository, and the discussions can be tagged for easy searching.

Official staff from Zepp Health and developers from the community will be available to answer a range of technical questions, and since the community is open to Zepp OS developers worldwide, English is recommended for discussions.

Slack - English communication community

Link to join:

We've created the Zepp Community team on Slack, where you can receive more timely notifications and communicate with officials about privacy issues in real time.

Lark - Chinese Communication Community

Link to join:

We have created a community on Lark, where you can receive official notifications in a more timely manner and communicate with officials in real time about issues involving privacy.


We have posted a series of Zepp OS related videos on our Youtube channel