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Version: v3

Zepp OS Release Notes

Latest Version


The current version of Zepp OS is 3.0

Description of the document version

The Zepp OS documentation version is consistent with the Zepp OS version. v3 corresponds to Zepp OS version 3.x. You can view earlier Zepp OS versions of the documentation by clicking on the version switch button in the upper left corner of the documentation platform.



Developers who want to build apps for devices with Zepp OS 1.0 should check out the v1.0 version of the documentation.

If you want to develop apps for devices with Zepp OS 2.x and above, please check the latest version of the documentation directly.

Zepp OS 2.0 introduces the concept of API_LEVEL, and subsequent versions of the system will be guaranteed to be backward compatible, for compatibility see API_LEVEL (Compatibility).


For a complete list of devices with Zepp OS, see List of devices with Zepp OS.

Version Information