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Version: v3

Device Basic Information

This document lists the dev info for all Zepp OS devices.

Devices with Zepp OS

Equipment nameLatest Zepp OS VersiondeviceSourceScreen shapeScreen radius sizeScreen resolutionphysical-keys numberWatchface preview image resolutionSecondaryWidget support
Amazfit Bip 5 Unity3.0878208187820888782089Square69320 x 3801200 x 238YES
Amazfit Active Edge2.18388864*8388865Round-360 x 3604243 x 243NO
Amazfit Active3.58323328*8323329Square86390 x 4501266 x 307YES
Amazfit Balance3.58519936*85199378519939Round-480 x 4802324 x 324YES
Amazfit Cheetah (Square)2.18257793Square86390 x 4503266 x 307NO
Amazfit Bip 52.18454400*8454401Square69320 x 3801200 x 238YES
Amazfit Cheetah Pro3.58126720*8126721Round-480 x 4802324 x 324NO
Amazfit Cheetah (Round)3.58192256*8192257Round-454 x 4542306 x 306NO
Amazfit T-Rex Ultra3.56553856*6553857Round-454 x 4544306 x 306NO
Amazfit GTR Mini2.0250251Round-416 x 4161280 x 280YES
Amazfit GTR 43.07930112*79301137864577Round-466 x 4662314 x 314YES
Amazfit GTS 42.17995648*7995649Square86390 x 4501266 x 307YES
Amazfit GTS 4 mini1.0246*247Square80336 x 3841228 x 260-
Amazfit Falcon3.5414*415Round-416 x 4164280 x 280NO
Amazfit Band 71.0252253254Band25194 x 368-152 x 288-
Amazfit GTR 3 Pro1.0229*230242*6095106*Round-480 x 4802324 x 324-
Amazfit GTR 31.0226*227Round-454 x 4542306 x 306-
Amazfit GTS 31.0224*225Square86390 x 4501266 x 307-
Amazfit T-Rex 22.1418*419Round-454 x 4544306 x 306NO

DeviceSource marked with * represents the device version as Chinese mainland version, 8519936* represents the Amazfit Balance device with deviceSource as 8519936 as Chinese mainland version

Non-Zepp OS devices

Equipment namedeviceSourceScreen shapeScreen rounded cornersSizephysical-keys numberWatchface preview image resolution
Amazfit GTR 26364244Round-454 x 4542306 x 306
Amazfit GTR 2e206209Round-454 x 4542306 x 306
Zepp E (Round)5781Round-416 x 4161280 x 280
Zepp E (Square)6182Square60348 x 4421254 x 323
Amazfit T-Rex Pro83200Round-360 x 3604220 x 220
Amazfit Pop68Square43302 x 3201202 x 214
Amazfit GTS 2 mini9192Square64306 x 3541210 x 242