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Version: v3

3. Running Simulator

In this step, we will accomplish the following tasks

  • Install Zepp OS Simulator
  • Installation of Amazfit Balance Watch device Simulator
  • Preview Zepp OS Mini Program on a Simulator

Install and run the Zepp OS Simulator

Depending on your operating system, download the corresponding Simulator installation package. Then follow the prompts to install it, Simulator Download

Next, we'll launch the Simulator. Please note that the process may differ depending on your operating system. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions specific to your operating system.

Running the Simulator on Windows

Double-click the Simulator icon to launch the Simulator.


Running the Simulator on MacOS

Execute the following command in the terminal to add executable permissions to the Simulator startup script.

cd /Applications/ && chmod +x ./

Reopen a terminal and run the following command to start the Simulator.

cd /Applications/ && sudo -s ./simulator

Enter the password and then enter OK. The Simulator icon should appear in the control bar and the Simulator should start successfully.

  • Attempt to launch the watch simulator by clicking the simulator button at the top-left corner. If there's no response upon clicking, it is recommended to check if there is a prompt under the "Security and Privacy" in the System Preferences.
  • If the terminal requires a password, enter it
  • To exit the simulator, press control + c in the terminal or click on the control bar icon.

Running the Simulator on Linux

You need to get administrator privileges before starting the simulator. $ is normal privileges and # is administrator privileges.

Or execute the following command.

sudo chmod -R 777 /dir
  • -R means that the cascade is applied to all subdirectories and files in the directory
  • 777 means that all users have the highest privileges
  • /dir is the target folder, this can be the simulator installation directory, usually /opt/simulator

If your installation directory is in /opt you can execute it in the terminal next, if not, you need to execute it in your own installation directory to install the environment.

cd /opt/simulator/resources/firmware/ && sudo ./

Installation of watch device Simulator

After launching the Simulator, we will see a screen like the one shown below.

Click on the download button labeled "7" in the image below to enter the watch device Simulator download list screen and click on Download Amazfit Balance Simulator.


Now that you've opened a screen that contains all Amazfit devices, locate the "Balance" simulator and download it.


Once the download is complete, launch the watch device simulator by clicking on the Simulator icon at the top or selecting Amazfit Balance in the Simulator drop-down box.


For more information about the Simulator, please refer to Guide to using the simulator.

Simulator Preview

Let's navigate to the hello-world directory using the terminal. Once there, run the zeus dev compile preview command compile preview command. This instructs the Zeus CLI to compile the project code and initiate a preview via the simulator.

zeus dev

Wait for the Mini Program to finish installing and preview our hello-world Mini Program in the Amazfit Balance Device Simulator.

hello world preview