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Version: v3

Install through scanning QR code

Generate QR code

First we select a watch face in the tool, click the "Install" button in the upper right corner


wait for the QR code to be generated



  1. Open the Zepp App and go to "Profile"

  2. Select the device, scroll down the page to the bottom, then select "Developer Mode"

  3. Click the icon on the top right corner to scan

  4. Click install and you can see the watch face you created on your device

installAppScanCode.png installAppDone.png


  1. The currently created watch face need to support the devices paired within the Zepp App

  2. The account logged in the App needs to be the same as the account currently logged in

  3. Zepp App version 6.6.0 or above is required

  4. If Developer Mode is not found, See Developer Mode.